Monday, October 27, 2008

what the lord givith he also may take away

Well it all started in 2007 hunting season my DH noticed every time he looked in the scope something was wrong with his left eye. so he called me to make an eye Dr appointment. well i was about to pop with baby#3.(she just had her 1st birthday on the 23rd) and between a new baby and his work we didn't get an appointment until January of this year. wow it has been a whirl wind since. first of all let me start off by saying he is a health 27 year old male doesn't go to the Dr, has no reason to really. so when all of this came up it was a reality check. he went to see my eye Dr and he referred him right away to a retina specialist. said its bad and he need to go asap. so we went and not even a week later he has his first laser eye surgery (after each because of the med they put in u, he has to stay in side for a week). That was one of the hardest things for him because hes not one to sit still/ stay in side. so as soon as it got dark he was gone. he couldn't work because of the halogens lights. he was miserable. then about 2 months later we had steroid shot behind the eye. i was sitting in the room and the nurse saw that i was nursing and she said "oh since your nursing u can stay." well me being who am said well it doesn't bother me i can handle it and then she said well its our policy . i thought who gives a toot about policy I'm staying anyway so i made sure to keep nursing. lol. well then the following week we had #2 laser eye, again closed up. and then about a month or two the Dr talked him into get a a needle strait through the eye. ouch! everything looked good after that so 2 months later its now very bad and so we r seeing a second opinion tomorrow. but you know though all this he has what some people call become over saved. amen. he is more on fire for god now than he has ever been. so thank you god for the age degenerative mucular desies (SP) or whatever it may be.